Ambrosius Topor

Notiz — 2020-03-25

UX Rework: Enhancing an Effort Control

For the "Project" application, I've refactored the control for the effort property. Previously, it was just a numeric control which would only allow to define the effort in minutes—which is more than cumbersome.

Give an hint about the possibilities

To guide the user, there's a hint given on the control (as a placeholder):

Step 1

Provide feedback

While a (static) guide about the possible format is nice, it's even nicer to give realtime feedback about the outcome:

Step 2

Smart input handling

When no unit is provided, the default is "hours"; however, when a value is bigger than 14, it is being interpreted as minutes:

Step 3

If a value is given with unit, the subsequent value will have the next "lower" unit (e.g. "minutes" if the previous unit was "hours")—presupposed no unit was given, of course.

Step 4

An unit can always be given to a value:

Step 5

Also, the case of overflowing values is being taken care of:

Step 6

Behind the scenes the value is still stored in minutes, making it easier to handle the values (e.g. store them as integers, do comparison operations).



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